When Classy meets Industrial – Wedding Saga in Belgrade, Serbia

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Ako neko pleni nežnošću, razumevanjem i stilom onda je to frajerski par iz Engleske koji smo sreli prošle godine. Marijana i Endrju zvali su nas da u jedno vrelo letnje popodne popijemo kaficu i napravimo plan za njihovo Classy&Industrial Style venčanje. Englesko-srpski miks obećavao je dobar smisao za humor, inovativne scenografske ideje i ludu žurku. Kad se ljudi prepoznaju nakon prve rečenice u mejlu sve ostalo je za nas plesanje. U tom laganom i punom poverenja plesu jednostavno smo kreirali kompas naše priče i sigurno nizali delove organizacione i scenografske slagalice. Naši mladenci su nas obasipali poverenjem, a nama je to širilo srce i činilo našu predanost izrazitijom.

Udobno se zavalite, skuvajte sebi nešto mirišljavo i toplo i dozvolite da vam ova iskrena životna priča razgali srce. Mi smo u više navrata brisale suze i ježile se pri samoj pomisli na toplinu tog dana, na vreme koje nas nije izneverilo, na osmehe, zagrljaje i poglede. Kako sa našim mladencima, tako i sa gostima, Marijaninom bakom, Endrjuovom porodicom. To su zaista trenuci za koje se živi i zbog kojih se voli svaki trenutak onoga što se radi.

Is there anybody who doesn’t like summerish kind of feeling – full of good energy and warm inside? That’s the way we feel in the middle of this festive season when we think about our weddings. Some of them were more traditional, some of them totally crazy. Today, we will tell you the story about two amazing people, Marijana and Andrew, who lived in London and decided to make an industrial style wedding in the middle of Serbia. And how the story goes, they found us, as we found them.

When you think about the weddings you probably can’t imagine some artistic space, a factory, an abandoned building as a wedding venue. But, don’t be so sure! We will show you how we make magic and unbelievable things when there is no possibility for any stylish and “glamish” wishes. We will create them to be more than dreams. And you will see how. 😉

How that looked like from the perspective of Marijana and Andrew? Let’s take a look!

1. Why did you choose Jedan Frajer i Bidermajer?

When we decided we were going to get married in Serbia I spent a lot of time searching the internet for inspiration for a wedding in Belgrade. Eventually I came across Ivana’s website and arranged a meeting with her and the team. We were really impressed with Ivana’s knowledge, character and overall proposition from Jedan Frajer that we knew straightway we would not be able to organize the wedding without their help.

2. How did the process of creating and planning of the wedding go? Which role JFBM agency had?

The process of creating and planning the wedding involved a lot of interaction with the JFBM team via hundreds of emails and lots of phone calls and meetings until all of the details were planned through. The role the agency undertook was to provide us with advice and support in the early planning stages, right through to arranging the right vendors for hiring plates, glasses etc, finding wine that we thought was out of stock, helping with all of the decoration on the day and the dismantling of the decoration the day after. Basically they did a huge amount for us from start to finish that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do ourselves. There is too much to list here!

3. How was the big day?

We loved our big day. Sadly, I lost my phone the night before the wedding, which made things a little stressful! But overall thanks to all the planning and preparation we undertook with JFBM, everything that was within our control went according to plan! A lot of our guests continued the party well after the wedding was over so definitely got to experience the best of the nightlife in Belgrade.

4. You chose really interesting place Dorćol Platz for your wedding venue, and it was the first time this spot became a wedding space. How did location influence on general impression?

The location was definitely one of the more unusual places to have a wedding! What we really liked about Dorcol Platz was the ability to be as creative as we wanted to with the decoration of the space. Our guests loved the venue and the guests with children were really grateful to be able to use Kliker as an area where their children could play safely. Our guests felt that the venue was a great reflection of mine and Andrew’s personality.

5. Wedding decoration for you means…?

The ability for the couple to reflect their individual personalities and share the happiest day of their lives with their closest family and friends. Taking care of every little detail so that your guests feel comfortable and happy. Presenting the best of your country through food, drink, music and your choice of venue.

6. What is the general impression of foreigners about wedding and Belgrade?

The majority of our 100+guests had never been to Serbia or Belgrade so it was a totally new experience for them, and they probably did not know what to expect! The overwhelming feedback that we received was that people loved Belgrade and the warmth of the people. The older generation in particular really loved the church ceremony. The younger generation loved the bars and restaurants around the city, and many have said they will definitely come back again!

7. Do you have any advice for future newlyweds? Do they need wedding agency?

Absolutely yes, they do require an agency especially if they are living and working abroad. The contacts that the agency had, the ability to be ‘on the ground’ and provide assistance from start to finish was the only reason we were able to have the wedding that we did. The best advice that I would give to newlyweds is to have an understanding of their budget, and the general need in Serbia to pay for everything upfront in cash. Also, to think about what is important to them in terms of their venue – we spent a lot of time searching for the ideal location that would allow us to be creative.

8. Do you want to add anything else?

Don’t forget that once the wedding is over you will still need to obtain certain documents from the Government to confirm your new married name (for the bride) and so there will still be an element of administration required after you are married!

And, let’s hear the story our organizers, Kristina and Jelena, have to share!

‘’Oh my God, what a challenge! So how to make Dorćol Platz a sophisticated beauty for weddings? How to make a fairy tale for these wonderful people?

The first time I saw Marijana was in snowy Saborna church last winter. We were waiting together for priest Branko to make a plan about the church wedding. She was so beautiful, gentle and kind. I said to myself: ,,Oh, what a pleasure to be a wedding organizer for this kind of a woman!” Later, during the spring, I met Andrew, an amazing guy, who was showing so much respect and trust to us. When I saw them together I felt that they are spreading elegance, tenderness, sense of humor and understanding on each corner. Oh, what a smooth communication it was with them during our preparations! So many emails, Skype calls, meetings without any problem, really!

The day was come and everything was ready to SHINE! Even Dorćol Platz got new, incredible gala dimension. And our Lady and Gentleman, our Marijana and Andrew, oh my! They were… I cannot explain. They were magical, the way they danced, the way he had his wedding speech, the way they eradiated energy into the night. I was so inspired by their love and so honored to be there that day on that place. I am deeply grateful to be a witness of pure love, because that makes me a better person.

And will I or will you continue to share that love after we experienced it, that is the most important question, isn’t it?’’

”As soon as I heard about the wedding that we would organize at Dorcol Platz, a place that reminded me of many youth and international events, I knew that was a great idea and a real challenge. You can’t imagine what an impression it was when I saw alternative space painted in colors of purity, gentleness and pure elegance.

When it comes to my task – Marijana and Andrew’s guests’ day in the first Serbian bus and open-air tour of Belgrade, that was one of the best parties I have ever attended! Champagne bubbles filling the air while long hairs of ladies were waving with the warm wind in a June afternoon made this experience a real treasure. It is always a pleasure to show our lovely capital to people who came here for the first time in order to attend such a happy event! Explaining to the English gentlemen why Belgrade produced more history than it could consume and showing to cheerful children how the river Sava meets Danube, somewhere under the sunlight, made me proud that JFBM team works in such great surrounding, that just Belgrade can provide.

Full of great impressions, we ”landed” in Dorcol Platz just with the first sounds of the band. And what was waiting for us there…Oh, just these pictures can explain that.”

Mnogo toga što radimo i čime zaista dobro vladamo ostaće nerazjašnjivo. Ponekad pomislim da neke “više sile” saučestvuju u čitavoj magiji toga dana. Jer kada se sklope energije, osmesi, poverenje, trud i želja da ljudima koji su nas primili u okrilje svoje porodice napravimo plezir, ovakvi čudesni noći i dani ostanu neizbrisivi. I za nas koji njima svedočimo i za one koji ih doživljavaju. A doživeti ih možete samo srcem, otvorenih očiju za svaki trenutak čuda koji se stapa u nešto što nadilazi sve nas, zapljuskuje nas i zapisuje se kao ogroman izvor ljubavi koji šaljemo i koji primamo.

Marijana&Andrew, hvala vam na tome što ste naša srca podsetili na ljubav, što ste nam uneli dah večite klasike sa pomalo izvrnutom perspektivom modernog stila, hvala vam na ljubaznosti, odmerenosti i srčanosti u komunikaciji. Kako bi to Endrju rekao – You guys are awesome!

Do novih magija, dragi naši, ostanite nam razneženi, ušuškani, na dobro orijentisani, a mi ćemo se potruditi da vas iznova inspirišemo i na još luđe podvige ohrabrimo i u narednoj godini!

Grle vas snažno, najsnažnije, vaše Frajerke!

Foto&video: Danilo&Sharon

Organizacija, stilizacija, scenografija i dekoracija: Jedan frajer i bidermajer

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